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Nearly 700,000 people are released from prison each year and are locked out of the job market. Those who have served their time should not be “re-sentenced” by employers, especially when businesses are experiencing a human capital crisis.

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Getting Talent Back to Work Toolkit

The Toolkit empowers business and HR leaders to confidently evaluate applicants with criminal records by equipping them with the latest research, evidence-based best practices and industry guidance needed to reduce legal liability and increase inclusive hiring from this untapped talent pool. Read our Executive Summary.

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Risk Analysis

Background Checks

Negligent Hiring

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Screening Guidance

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The Getting Talent Back to Work initiative is led by SHRM, in partnership with Koch Industries, to end outdated, non-inclusive hiring practices. In response to the First Step Act becoming law, the movement is the next step to getting those with criminal histories a fair chance at employment.

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